Kingbird nest re-visited

Since I took nearly seventy photos of the Western Kingbird on Thursday, I had this image showing the kingbird to the side of the nest watching over the babies.  At first I thought it was to under-exposed, but thanks to good photo editing I was able to brighten it up enough to post here.  By the way, the fledges are just about ready to attempt to leave the nest.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they were flying by tomorrow.

Western Kingbird on nest.

This morning as Ann and I were driving around after taking care of the bird blind, we came across this Brown Rock Dove.  It is not a rare bird, but one that is seldom sighted.  This one was near the Prairie Dog village at the San Angelo State Park.

Brown Rock Dove

Also I got lucky again, spotting this Northern Bobwhite, in a tree calling to a mate.  I heard it before I saw it.  Happy Birding and enjoy the photos.  Click on the images for an enlargement.

Northern Bobwhite


2 thoughts on “Kingbird nest re-visited

  1. Thanks, Jim,

    Actually, we’ve seen serveral in the trees. In fact, a couple of days ago, we saw an adult fly up, then three chicks followed.

    One more thing, thanks for the update on your Texas Blinds blog.


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