Today’s new birding news.

Heck, I sure am running behind.  I just realized that it has been several days since my last post.  Still doing the same old fun stuff.  Birding, taking photographs, watching the Texas Rangers baseball games.  Life doesn’t get any better than this.

Ann, Jodie, and I went birding for the whole day on Monday.  I can’t believe we spent so much time at the park.  We really explored the whole place.  We went to the North Shore and saw some birds that we hadn’t seen at the South Shore.  Eastern Phoebes for one.  We also checked out the Isabel Harte park area and the equestrian area.

Bronzed Cowbird

A week or so ago we saw a Zone-tailed Hawk, a lifer for me.  Those birds act like a Turkey Vulture, and nearly look like one, as least the way the sit on a tree branch.  Yesterday, we saw our first Bronzed Cowbird of the year.  We also saw three Painted Buntings, singing at the tops of some trees.  Caught a great photo of a Blue Grosbeak.

Blue Grosbeak

In other news, I had mentioned before that I have a compression fracture on my spine.  I think, and hope, that it may be healing.  This morning I had an injection of Re-clast to strengthen my bones.  It is an annual injection so I am good to go for a while.

Enjoy the photos and click on either one to see an enlargement.  Happy Birding!!


5 thoughts on “Today’s new birding news.

  1. Dave, there are over 356 species in the Concho Valley, the surrounding area of where I live. I have photographed maybe 150 of them. My life list is at only 203 currently. (I am still a novice at this birding thing). So I have a lot to look forward to if I can hang around long enough. Again thank you for your kind words.

    By the way, I see from your blog that you have a huge list of birds that we don’t have here.


    • Bob,

      The birds that breed in and around the area where we have our cabin are fairly common there. The only bird that is slowly disappearing is the Golden-winged Warbler. But the habitat must be just right for that species where our cabin is located, because so far it keeps showing up every year. If I ever get the chance, I will come down your way and check out some of those birds. What is the best time of year for such a trip?


  2. Bob,

    You are right. It doesn’t get much better than this. Life is good. And you, my friend, keep seeing some great birds. I guess living where you do helps. That Bronzed Cowbird would be a lifer for me. As always,


  3. Thanks for writing Geoff. I checked you bird gallery and some of your others, and I must say that you have some outstand images. I will be looking at all of them. I also enjoy the articles you have written on all aspects of photography. Bob

  4. I love these images, great work. Good luck with your spine, I also have crushed vertebrae with osteoporosis.
    Take a look at my bird gallery if you like.
    Good luck

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