July State Park birding tour

Well, it looks like the rains are gone for a while.  We awoke this morning and wondered if the monthly Adult Birding Adventure at the park would be rained out.  We went to breakfast at Kenny Blanek’s Village Cafe and we could see broken clouds with daylight shining through.

By the time we got to the park to feed the birds it was warming up and the air was steamy with humidity.  Everything had gotten a pretty good soaking.   Apparently most of the birders thought we would continue to have rain so the participating crowd actually wasn’t a crowd at all.  Besids Ann and I, we only had five takers.  One was a new birder, Jeannie, from Hunt, Texas.  She has been visiting San Angelo for the last five days and was fixin’ to leave later today.  But a fine time was had by all.  We actually birded for about three hours and saw a total, according to Ann, of about 33 species.  Not too bad.

We’re taking a day trip to Junction and Llano State Park on Monday so maybe I’ll have some new things to report after that.  If you remember, we went there a couple of weeks ago to get the lay of the land.  Now we feel we know our way around there and know the best places.

Happy Birding!!