A better day than yesterday

After not having much luck down at the South Llano State Park bird blinds, we returned to our old stomping grounds here at San Angelo State Park.

Actually, Ann went out there earlier with Pam Guelker, another birder, and the two of them mowed the grass at the blind.  I couldn’t be of much help yet because the doc said to take it easy on my back until I get the next x-ray.  Yes, I know that gives me an available excuse. 🙂  Anyway, after they were through, Ann came back to the house and picked me up.

Cactus Wren

We went back to the blind first for about an hour and saw a good collection including a Cactus Wren.  (They had done a great job of mowing, by the way).  After that we did a little drive around and saw some Herons and Black-necked Stilts on the lake.  I also spotted an American Kestrel.  The first one in several weeks.

I have notice that I have several overseas readers.  At least one in each of England, Australia, and Canada.  Okay, so Canada isn’t overseas, but you know what I mean.   So a hearty Hello! from San Angelo.  I don’t need to add Texas, as the only San Angelo in the USA is right here in Texas.  I guess that is best.  I don’t think San Angelo, New Jersey or San Angelo, Wisconsin would sound right.  Not southwesternish enough.  (I have a feeling I will get letters.) 🙂

Happy Birding!!

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