Some scenic photos.

The subject of this blog is supposed to be birding, photography, and utter nonsense.  Well, you’ve seen a lot of my birding photographs, and hopefully got a laugh out my utter nonsense, but I’ve never got into talking about my scenic photography.

Actually, landscape and flower photography was my major effort before somebody got me hooked on birding.  This afternoon I ordered from B&H Photo a Canon 10-22mm, f3.5-4.5 super wide angle lens.  I have decided that I need to get back to some scenic landscape and flower photography. 

Now that doesn’t mean that I am abandoning my birds and wildlife.  Absolutely not!  However, this does give me an excuse to show off a few of my older landscape photos here.  See how smooth I got that all in?? 🙂

First up is one of my favorite shots of Santa Elena Canyon.  I had waded across Terlingua Creek so I could take the trail up to an observation point inside the entrance to the canyon.  After reaching that OP, I continued a little further on the trail.  I decided to get a vertical shot of the canyon, but I needed to show something that would give the photo some perspective.  I stood on this 4-foot wide trail, about 75 feet above the Rio Grande River and waited for that tiny speck of a hiker that you can see down in the lower left of the picture.  Then I was able to get a very nice exposure, showing the sheer 1500 foot vertical cliffs.  That large rock you see along the shore around the bend is probably about four stories tall.  How’s that for perspective?

Hiker in Santa Elena Canyon

This next picture I have entitled “Beachcombers”.  We were vacationing in Michigan visiting relatives.  We were at the beach on Lake Michigan and my wife and her mother decided to search the shoreline for driftwood, etc.  The patterns of their footprints and the eroded pilings in the water caught my eye.


The photo of the mission ruins was taken down at Menard, Texas.  The mission, as you can see, is mostly fallen down.  As a matter of fact, as we speak, it is really in pieces, as a conservationist group is in the act of completely restoring it.  However, when I took the photo I liked the way that I could get the two arches to interact.  I sold the one-time rights to Wild West Magazine two years ago for an article they were doing about the Presidio De San Saba mission.

Presidio de San Saba

There is a movie set on the Rio Grande river just a little west of the resort of Lajitas.  Several movies including “Dead Man’s Walk”, and a Brooks and Dunne music video were made there.  When I first discovered the place it was really on private property.  I just wandered on to it, thinking I had run across and old Mexican village.  But then I noticed that some of the “buildings” were just imitations.  Of course, it is now part of Big Bend Ranch State Park and open to the public.

Casa Adobe

I hope you enjoy the photos.  If so, I may add some more at a later date.  Click on any image for an enlargement.

4 thoughts on “Some scenic photos.

  1. More please! I like that beach photo esp. Looks like a line of penguins going into the water. I’ve debated getting that lens; piecing together panoramas gets old. But I think I’ll hold out for the 5DII to drop in price… someday.

    • Thanks, I’ll dig some more out. Some of my best shot shots were shot on film, but I think I have some more recent ones. Stay tuned for the next few days……………..

  2. Those shots are great! I love every one of them. Wish I had been able to visit Santa Elena on our Big Bend trip. Unfortunately, the lightning storm set part of the trail on fire and it was closed all weekend. Next time for sure!

    Mike Z

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