House cleaning my camera bag

How many of you have ever tried to organize your camera bag.  It probably is as bad as my wife’s extra large purse.  (Uh-oh, I’ll get letters).  Anyway, that’s about the way my own bag is.  I got a new Canon 10-22mm super wide-angle len from B&H Photo yesterday.

This morning I unpacked it, got my camera bag out and proceeded to try and find a place for the new lens.  I figure that having a well-packed camera bag is like owning a professional baseball team, like the Texas Rangers.  When I went through the stuff I had in that bag, I decided that some stuff need to go back down to the Triple A farm team and some had to go on the disabled list.

I have a Tamron 200-400mm lens in there that I hadn’t used in years.  Don’t need it.  I have a Canon 18-55mm kit lens that I never used.  Don’t need it.  Those two go back down to Triple A, maybe I trade them off.  I have Sigma 17-35mm lens that I don’t use because the auto-focus is screwed up.  Definitely go on the disabled list.

Digging further down I realize that this may be a major project.  What is this??  A little blue flash bulb from my old Brownie Hawkeye!  Let me see now.  There is the 50 ft remote shutter release that I thought it would be fun to have.  Never used it.  They now have a new fangled electronic remote for those situations.  Need to get one of those.  Probably will never use it, though it would be fun to have

Now I am down to the furtherest depths.  Turn on the basement lights.  Literally down to the nitty-gritty.  Some lint of some sort I can’t identify and a dead cricket.  But there’s a Renoir on the wall. 🙂

So now my bag is re-organized for awhile.  What fun that was.  And as I ogled my wife’s purse, she said “No way, buster!”

2 thoughts on “House cleaning my camera bag

  1. Yes…you’ll probably get letters…

    Let me know how the 10-22 treats you. My bride has told me that I’m allowed to buy a piece of glass to go into my camera bag once I graduate as long as “it is within reason.” As neither the 400mm DO or 500mm lenses that I really covet are not “within reason” I’m contemplating either going really wide (there are times when my 17-40mm is just not enough) or really close (the 100mm L IS macro looks like a neat toy).

    As to the shutter release. I have one for my 30D and I find it to be useful in limited situations. I’ve used it in the blind, on butterflies, and on a flower or two. But for the most part I’ve never felt like I had to have it, but it sure made it a little easier.

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