Another lucky day

Gosh, I seem to stumble into some great photo opportunites.  This morning on the way to the San Angelo State Park, we barely got three blocks from the house when Ann spotted a White-tailed deer; a doe and two fawns cavorting in a vacant lot near the Walmart.  This is actually not that un-common for that area because this location is very near the city limits, right where the brush and mesquite start.

The deer were on my right and I didn’t see them right away.  I whipped into an illegal U-turn to go back, and fortunately they had crossed the road and ended up on the right side of the street.  I slowly pulled to the curb, all the time praying that they would hang around for a few seconds more.  Luck was with me and I managed to snap off a few images through the passenger side window. 

White-tailed Deer with fawn

Yesterday, Ann, Jodie and I made a trip to the Hummer House down at Christoval, Texas.  They sell some of my work there and I had to check my inventory.  I was lucky to find that they were almost out of my note-cards so I replenished the stock.

We decided to hang around and shoot a few photos.  I let Jodie use my 500mm lens to try out.  I think she is getting the urge to buy one.  She says she thinks whe is ready to “run with the big boys”.  This is one of her photos of a Painted Bunting, and with this result I agree with her.

Painted Bunting

Yesterday afternoon, I finally got my copy of National Wildlife Magazine, and lo and behold my photo of the two Black-tailed Prairie Dogs was on the back cover.  I had been previously been told that it would be on one of the inner pages.  So, obviously I am excited about that.  It is the August-September issue.

Happy Birding! and click on either photo for an enlargement.

6 thoughts on “Another lucky day

  1. Congrats, Bob. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, that Prairie Dog shot is the best image I’ve ever seen of yours, and perhaps the best Prairie Dog picture I’ve seen from anybody.

    Warm regards -jim

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