No Wood Storks yet

Since the report of the Wood Storks being in the area yesterday, I took another look at O. C. Fisher Lake this morning.  We didn’t see the Wood Storks, but we did see some shorebirds that have arrived.  We were able to see with our spotting scopes eight American Avocets, two Long-billed Dowitchers, two Greater Yellowlegs, and several sandpiper types too far away to really identify.  I couldn”t get any photos for the same reason, but here is a photo of an American Avocet that I took last year.

American Avocet

You will notice that at the top of this page, a new page has been added for information about viewing my photo albums, which have been listed to the right here, in my Blogroll.  The instructions there will make viewing my photographs a bit easier.

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