Leapin’ Texas Lizards

This morning upon leaving San Angelo State Park we saw this Greater Roadrunner in a tree with some prey in it’s beak.  Upon peering at it through my camera lens I realized was a lizard of some type. 

Greater Roadrunner with lizard

It  got me to thinking of the lizard that I photographed in my back yard a couple of days ago.  It is an Eastern Fence Lizard. 

Eastern Fence Lizard

 This next one is a Texas Earless, photographed on a nature trail in Big Bend National Park.

Texas Earless Lizard

The Desert Grasslands Whiptail Lizard probably has the longest name.  However, it is not one of the longest of lizards  Average length is about 10 inches.  It was also photographed in far West Texas.

Desert Grasslands Whiptail Lizard

Last but certainly not least, is the colorful Green Anole Lizard.  I photographed this one near the Visitors’ Center in downtown San Angelo, Texas.

Green Anole Lizard

2 thoughts on “Leapin’ Texas Lizards

  1. Anoles are wonderfully photogenic. Thank’s for the ID on the Whiptail. I have a few photos of those, but didn’t know what they were.

    • Actually, I didn’t know what it was until I done the research for this post this afternoon. In fact, I nearly identified it as a Six-lined Racerunner.

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