International Water Lily Collection

San Angelo, Texas, is the home of the only certified International Water Lily Collection in the United States.  It is located downtown and is one of the city’s main tourists’ attractions.  Curator Ken Landon has collected specimens from all over the world.

I was down there yesterday morning to check out how they were progressing since they are nearing their peak.  I was with my wife, Ann, and our good friend Jodie Wolslager.  We arrived there about 8:30AM, trying to beat the heat and it turned out that we were  just a little bit early.  Most of the blooms don’t open until about 10:00AM.  I did manage to get a few photos of the ones that were open.  The following are two of the images.  I hope you enjoy them.  You can see more  images that I took in previous years in my photo gallery.

White Water Lily

Red Water Lily

One thought on “International Water Lily Collection

  1. The International Water Lily Collection is one of the true treasures of San Angelo and you’ve made some neat images of them. Beyond the lilies, it was my favorite place in the greater San Angelo area to make images of dragonflies (my magazine cover image came from a shot there), butterflies (both in the water lily area and the area directly above it), and the occasional Green Heron that came down and partook of some of the insect and amphibian life in the water. Great place.

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