What?? Friday already???

Holy Cow!  Time sure does fly.  Seems just a few days ago it was Monday. 🙂  Really, though, the older I get, the faster time goes by.  I guess that as you get over the hill, then start down the other side, you pick up speed.

I haven’t done anything constructive lately.  Took a few pictures, added a couple to my album.  I have a few more to add when I get around to doing it.  Hey, I discovered a real neat software, Fastone Image Viewer.  It is a free download, but after you use it, and if you like it, the writers of the program can always use a donation.  You can dump your camera’s card in it, view the images on full screen, select, delete, or move them to a folder.  Check it out at http://www.faststone.org/FSViewerDownload.htm

I removed the link t0 my website from my blog here, opting to just have links to my albums.  Oops, error.  Houston, we have a problem!   Now I can’t open my website at all.  When I try, it goes directly to one of my albums.  Not that’s such a bad thing.  Mostly, all people want to see is my photos, anyway.  So, I will have to humbly ask a friend of mine to help me clean up my mess. 🙂

Well, tomorrow’s our monthly Adult Birding Tour at the San Angelo State Park.  I am ready for it, and all my walkie-talkies are on the charger.  We usually have about 3-4 cars, and those make communicating easier.