What?? Friday already???

Holy Cow!  Time sure does fly.  Seems just a few days ago it was Monday. 🙂  Really, though, the older I get, the faster time goes by.  I guess that as you get over the hill, then start down the other side, you pick up speed.

I haven’t done anything constructive lately.  Took a few pictures, added a couple to my album.  I have a few more to add when I get around to doing it.  Hey, I discovered a real neat software, Fastone Image Viewer.  It is a free download, but after you use it, and if you like it, the writers of the program can always use a donation.  You can dump your camera’s card in it, view the images on full screen, select, delete, or move them to a folder.  Check it out at http://www.faststone.org/FSViewerDownload.htm

I removed the link t0 my website from my blog here, opting to just have links to my albums.  Oops, error.  Houston, we have a problem!   Now I can’t open my website at all.  When I try, it goes directly to one of my albums.  Not that’s such a bad thing.  Mostly, all people want to see is my photos, anyway.  So, I will have to humbly ask a friend of mine to help me clean up my mess. 🙂

Well, tomorrow’s our monthly Adult Birding Tour at the San Angelo State Park.  I am ready for it, and all my walkie-talkies are on the charger.  We usually have about 3-4 cars, and those make communicating easier.

2 thoughts on “What?? Friday already???

    • Thanks, Dave,
      I’ll let you know. It is still hot here, so it may effect attendance. I think this is our 15 straight day of 100+ degrees and it is supposed to continue for another few days. The record for San Angelo is 18 straight days. But with very low humidity it probably is more bearable than your high humidity days.

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