Sandpipers and Sunflowers

This morning I noticed that the Roseate Spoonbills were too far out in the lake to try to get any photos.  I could barely make them out even with my binoculars.  I and Ann just strolled along the shore for awhile.  We saw several shorebirds including some Least Sandpipers.  They are very small birds and hard to photograph, when they move so much when feeding.  Here is the result of one image.

Least Sandpiper


On the way back towards the car, we came across a stand of Sunflowers.  I started to just bypass them, but on a whim I tried for some photographs.  I guess I was still thinking of the discussion on “photographyfree4all”‘s blog, about macro and flower photography.  I took this shot with my Canon EOS 7D, 100-400mm f4 zoom lens,  ISO 3200, 1/250 @ f14,  minus 1/3 EV .  I was about 8 feet away, and my lens was set at 260mm.  The sky was overcast.  By the way, I don’t claim this to be a macro shot. 🙂


I hope you enjoy the photos.  See more by clicking my Photo Album pages at the top of this page.  Click on any image for an enlargement.

9 thoughts on “Sandpipers and Sunflowers

  1. I don’t see many sunflowers, but I watch the sandpipers all the time. They are quick and always moving so I’m very impressed with your photo and the sunflowers are just a wonderful, cheerful image. Lovely post, Bob!

  2. Lovely photos. I especially like the sunflowers. I have lots of fun with sun flowers and most of the time can’t bypass one without snapping a pic. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks a lot, Linda. I appreciate all the kind words. I shoot mostly wildlife, but once in awhile I venture off that path. When I do, I really enjoy shooting flowers, and I don’t know why I don’t do it more often.

    • Thanks, Toby. I have been reading all your posts, and even though you are up there with the nor’easterners I can see that your heart is in Texas. Way to go! Over on your blogspot blog, I am having a heck of a time trying to figure out how to leave a comment. Of course, it may something to do with me being a little slow with this 21st century stuff, that I’m behind on. Heck, when my ship came in I was at the airport. :-). But please know that even though I haven’t left a comment there, I am reading all of your great stuff.

      Don’t ya just love them Rangers??

      Hey, tell them northerners that we do get a little of snow out here in San Angelo. Even have drifting up to a half inch. 🙂

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