San Angelo Water Lily Fest

Today was the final day of the Water Lily Fest here in San Angelo.  Most of the festivities wound up yesterday but that didn’t stop the beautiful water lilies from opening today for all to see.  I didn’t get down to see the main event yesterday, so I took advantage of the smaller crowd today.  The skies were a bit overcast,  making the lighting perfect.

The San Angelo Internationl Water Lily Collection is the premier such garden in the world.  Ken Landon the owner and curator, has collected specimens from countries of both hemispheres.  This brought water lily esperts from the Unites States, Australia, Far East and Europe for the 4-day symposium.

Some of the lily pads are five feet in diamater, such as the third photo.  That blossom is nearly twelve inches across.

Here are four images that I photographed this morning.  I hope you enjoy.  Click on any of them to see an enlargement.

6 thoughts on “San Angelo Water Lily Fest

  1. Love these photos! (truth be told, I love ALL your photos) I was wondering if you’d get a chance to see the new lilies. There were so many beautiful new varieties. San Angelo has a real treasure in the Water Lily Collection.

    Mike Z

  2. Beautiful! When I fish water with lily pads in it, I love to chunk a plastic worm onto the lily pad, let it sit there and twitch the end of fishin’ rod juuuuuuuussst a little bit as the lily pad vibrates. Eventually, I ease the worm over the edge of the lily pad and let it free fall towards the lake bottom. Then I hang on! Senor Bass loves to hang around lily pads, waiting to ambush some unsuspecting prey. Thanks, Bob!


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