Off to the Big Bend

This will be my last post for a few days.  Today and tomorrow will be spent doing necessary things, washing the car, cleaning and checking my photo equipment, grooming the yard, some pre-packing packing, and other miscellaneous chores.  And I can’t forget that tomorrow is my birthday.  I’m hitting the big 76.  I might do a bit of celebrating.

Mt. Casa Grande

We’ll be leaving bright and early Sunday morning, dropping off our little dog Suzie, a lovable Shih-tzu.  She’ll be staying at the sitter.  Then it’s hit the road westward.  It will be about a 300 mile trip, but we’ll still be in Texas.  You have to drive forever to get out of the state.  We’re heading to Marfa to spend the first night.  There we will check out the mysterious Marfa Lights.  They rise in the air every evening at nightfall in the vicinity of the Chinati Mountains.  They were first reported in the late 1800s.  Noone has ever been able to find the cause of this phenomena.

Chisos Mountains

The Big Bend area is in the southwest part of the state.  The Rio Grande River travels southeastward, then makes this bend to then travel in a northeasterly direction.  Hence the name.  Big Bend National Park takes up most of the area with it’s approximately 770,000 acres.  The Chisos Mountains are smack dab in the middle of the park, with it’s spectacular mountains and canyons.  In the picture below, click on it to see an enlargement, then try to find the hiker.

Hiker in Santa Elena Canyon

We’ll be staying in Lajitas the rest of the time.  It is a little resort town right outside the park.  The mayor is Clay Henry III, a large billy goat.  He loves his beer, and the tourists make sure he stays well sated throughout the day.  We plan on just mostly hanging out in the park and making side trips around the area.  There is great birding, great photo ops, and plenty of trails to hike.

So everyone have a pleasant week, and I will be reporting back in about 10 days with hopefully, some new photos and stories.

Happy Birding!!