Back from Big Bend Part II

I promised more pictures so here they come.  These are some of the scenics that I captured along the highways, byways, and trails of the Big Bend Country.

1.  A pair of windmills on a ranch between Marfa and Presidio, Texas.  They were photographed in the early morning sun.  Canon 7D with Canon 24-105mm zoom lens.

West Texas Skyline

2.  Wild Rose Pass east of Fort Davis, Texas in the Davis Mountains.  Canon 7D with Canon 24-105mm zoom lens.

Wild Rose Pass

3.  View of the Rio Grande River from the “Big Hill” on highway 170 between Presidio and Lajitas, Texas.  One of the most scenic drives in the United States.  Canon 7D with Canon 24-105mm zoom lens.

Rio Grande from the Big Hill

4.  Red-tailed Hawk.  Canon 7D with Canon 100-400mm zoom lens.  Hand-held.

Juvenile Red-tailed Hawk in flight

5.  Un-named mountain in Big Bend National Park.  There are several of these scattered around.  Canon 7D with Canon 24-105mm zoom lens.


6.  Mule Ears Peak.  Aptly named landmark in Big Bend National Park.  Canon 7D with Canon 24-105mm lens.

Mule Ears Peak

All in all, I would say that we had a great trip.  We didn’t capture as many birds as we had hoped.  I guess we were a little early for the migration.  But we’ll be back.  Click on any image for an enlargement.


9 thoughts on “Back from Big Bend Part II

  1. I appreciate the compliment you gave me with regard to my ‘scenics’ as you call them, but I must respectfully disagree. I think you are much better at photographing whatever you choose – these are beautifully composed and the exposure and detail are excellent. If you like mine better as you claim it is likely because that’s what I’m into and I mess with them a lot to try to get the feeling I want. If you were as into landscapes, and wanted to play with them as much as I do, I’m sure you’d surpass my tenderfoot skills in a heartbeat! 🙂

    • Okay, I will agree with you partly. 🙂

      I think my composition is very good. But I feel that I don’t convey the feeling that I get when I first see the subject. I do feel that if I get “into” it a bit more, playing with the software, etc., I could improve on that. I am looking at some software that I am thinking about getting to help me there. But I still say that you a natural. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 🙂


  2. Thanks Bob for posting up these great pics. They bring back some very fond memories. We travel quite a few other states and don’t take the time to make return trips to the area. These pics serve as a reminder of what we miss.

    • Thanks James for responding. We’re ready to go back whenever you say the word. 🙂 We have those fond memories, too. We didn’t have to put with those “round” steaks this time. Bob

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