Macro Photo??

There is a discussion on Photographyfree4all’s blog about macro photography.  I just thought I’d throw this image into the mix.  I own a Tamron 90mm macro lens.  It is an excellent lens.  However, sometimes when I am on the trail or in the field, it is inconvenient to carry extra lenses.  I hike with what ever I can fit into my pockets.

Such was the case with the following picture.  I was really on a nature trail in Big Bend National Park, carrying only my Canon 7D with my Canon 100-400mm lens attached, plus a set of binoculars, as my quest was whatever birds I could see.

I came upon this area where there was a wetlands, with a boardwalk across it.  Near the shore, in the reeds, I spotted this Dragonfly.  Perhaps my good friend Jim Miller can identify the species for me.  But, anyway, I used my fore-mentioned 100-400mm lens set-up.  I hand=held and focused as best I could.  I then cropped when editing. 


The point that I am trying to make, is that you can get macro photos in extenuating circumstances, using other lenses.  Click the image for an enlargement.

4 thoughts on “Macro Photo??

  1. I think our friend from California hit that one on the head. I’m reasonably certain from the image that you have posted that it is a Flame Skimmer (Libellula saturata) The coloration on the abdomen, thorax, and wings, and stigmata look right and the body type is definitely a skimmer. It is one that I need to add to my life list–yet another reason to head out that direction next fall.

    My resource for all things dragonfly and damselfly is Odonata Central from University of Texas ( Their county checklists are invaluable.

    As to the image, that is one of my favorite views of a dragonfly. Catching the “stained glass look” of their membrane wings and then the rest of their body gives a nice static feel to them.

  2. I have been fishing many times while using a plastic worm. I fish that way very slowly. Many’s the time the tip of my fishing rod and a dragonfly danced together. Great stuff, Bob !


  3. This is a great shot, Bob! I would defer to Jim, but I believe it could be a Flame Skimmer, sometimes called a Firecracker Skimmer. But, maybe not. I had the opportunity to shoot one of these this past summer. I was able to get some fairly good shots, like you, without a macro lens. Great job, Bob! That’s for posting it.

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