Miscellaneous Goings ‘On

Now it’s back to the usual routine, after returning from our trip to the Big Bend.  But what a great time we had.  But that was then.  This is now.

White-crowned Sparrow

Back to the feeding and care of the wildlife viewing area at San Angelo State Park.  The winter birds have started returning.  In the last three days, we have spotted three Ring-billed Gulls, six White-crowned Sparrows, and about a dozen Northern Shovelers.  Probably there are many more on the way.

Northern Shoveler

I have been busy getting an order of 300 Christmas Cards ready for my Edward Jones agent.  I have a show opening on November first at Crockett National Bank of my wildlife photography, so I have been busy cutting mats and framing my selections.  So many projects, so little time. 🙂

I also completed the design on my 2011 calendars, they are being printed, and they should arrive in about three weeks.  If anyone is interested in having one, contact me.  I think this my best edition yet.  They’re printed on high-gloss photographic paper.

I heard from Jim Miller today.  He is at Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio for some advanced military training of some sort.  He had been assighned here to Goodfellow AFB for quite some time.  He had been quite active in birding and photographic circles around the area.  He now says that he probably will get an assignment to one of the facilities in San Antonio, Texas.  He will be missed.

Happy Birding!!

13 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Goings ‘On

  1. Good to see the White-crowned Sparrows show up. Indeed it is a sign that winter is just around the corner. Nicely captured as always…

    I do need to quibble a bit… I’m not leaving San Angelo permanently… I consider my time wherever next will be as just a short break from home. We’ve decided not to sell our place in San Angelo and we will move back to it as soon as my obligated service is complete (and I can decide what I want to do when I grow up). From the day we arrived we fell in love with the people and the culture of San Angelo (yes, there is active culture in San Angelo–and not just in the yogurt 😉 ). San Angelo will always be home–it will just not be where I hang my hat for a couple of years… If I’m lucky enough to end up in San Antonio we’ll be back regularly. We’re too entrenched in the town to give it up cold turkey. We will just need a hotel room until I retire…

  2. Thanks, Raymond. I will add you to mine, too. You have some pretty darned good photos yourself. I will look forward to seeing some morel

    As you can see my passion is photographing wilflife, mainly birds. And I’m sure you noticed that I am a fellow Texan.


  3. Bob, a friend suggested I check out your blog. I’m glad I did, your pictures are amazing. Read some of your stories and was equally impressed. Will add you to my blogroll and check back as often as I can. Happy Birding 🙂

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