Old Truck in Pinto Canyon

As I had mentioned before, we had once taken that trip down through desolate Pinto Canyon.  Somewhere along the deserted road there is this old dilapidated shell of an old pickup truck.  I got some photographs but I have never been able to get to look like I wanted it to.

Old Truck in Pinto Canyon - orig

My dear friend, Deb, of Tennessee suggested that it would look good as a black and white photo.  She is a master of BW and I just don’t have the knack, or else I am too critical of myself.  Anyway, I got to messing around with it today, trying another idea.  The image above is the original.  Below is the one that changed up a bit.  Not a black and white, and not exactly a sepia.

Old Truck in Pinto Canyon - edited

I am kinda proud of it.  Maybe because it is the first time I had ever done anything like this.  I was searching for something but not sure what.  Deb said it looked surreal, and that, I think, hit the nail on the head.  Surreal.  I have to remember that word.  🙂

Click on either image for an enlargement.