Bird of the Week – Greater Roadrunner

Today I have picked the Greater Roadrunner (Geococcyx californianus) as my Bird of the Week.  I was able to get some photographs recently and I will show them here.  This bird is in the cuckoo family, and better known as the bird that is always trying to outwit the wolf in the cartoons, with his familiar “Beep, beep!”

Greater Roadrunner

The Stokes Field Guide to Birds of North America describes the Greater Roadrunner as a large, very long-tailed bird with relatively long neck and thick legs.  The skin behind the eye is bluish, and sometimes  other colors show up in certain lighting. 

Greater Roadrunner

Other traits is that the roadrunner doesn’t require water.  He gets moisture through his diet.  He can fly short distances, mostly gliding with his wings and tail spread.  His voice is not the comical beep, beep, but actually a deep mellow cooing wooh wooh whoa whoa.  He loves the arid areas of the south and southwest parts of the country.

Greater Roadrunner

I hope you have enjoyed this narrative and pictures.  If you have, please leave a comment.  Click on any images to see enlargements.  Now I am outa here.  Beep! Beep!  🙂

10 thoughts on “Bird of the Week – Greater Roadrunner

  1. Hey, great shots here Bob! Not that that’s a surprise to me! There used to be a roadrunner that lived on the golf course when I once played most of my golf. I never saw him except on the move, though! This gives me a wonderful detail of what he actually looked like! Great job! And also, just wanted to say – GREAT CALENDAR!!! I would highly recommend it to everyone!

    • I used to play golf at New Mexico State University. The roadrunners would run around the greens, and were not to shy to pick up golf balls now and then. Thanks for the kind words, and also thanks for my calendar plug. 🙂


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