Saturday Morning Birding Tour

Just a few updates about our State Park Birding monthly tour today.  The weather was a bit chilly and windy, but we still had a total of eight people.  We also had a new-comer.  Brenda Liverick mistakenly thought that today was the day for the Bison Tour.  She instead joined us for the birding.  It turned out that she enjoyed very much.

The birds were staying down in the brush, I guess because of the windy, chilly weather, but neverless our sharpeyed birders spotted quite a few.  Besides the usual Red-winged Blackbirds, finches, etc., we also spotted a Ruby-crowned Kinglet.  At one point several American White Pelicans took to the air and put on a great show.

In other news, Bill Yeates sent me this great photograph of a Female House Finch that he captured at the Llano State Park bird blind.   Thanks, Bill, for sending it.

House Finch - female

I hope to see more of our local birders for the next Adult Birding Tour in January.

6 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Birding Tour

  1. Bob such cute little birds. Our bird feeder have been full the last few days. Guess the bird are like me too cold to go far from home to eat.My husband is very faithful to keep the feeder full and a ready water supply.. It is a cat free yard since we have dogs . Lol. The birds seem to know that. They are smart little critters. Carolyn

    • Thanks so much for commenting, Carolyn. We are dog people, too. We have a little Shih Tzu right now. She spooks our birds away from the feeders when she goes out, but fortunately she is in the house 95% of the time.

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