Another Red-tailed Hawk

I can’t help it.  Whenever I see one of these majestic beauties, I just have to photograph it.  This one was at San Angelo State Park, perched atop a mesquite tree.  I was out there alone because Ann was ailing and didn’t want to come.  I was driving around slowly when i spotted him.  As usual, I had my Canon 7D on my lap all prepared with my Canon 100-400mm lens attached.  I was about 100 yards away when I first saw him.  He spotted me, or something else, and started to fly.  I got my focusing point locked on to him and this is one of the ensuing images.  ISO 100, Shutter priority, 1/640 at f11, minus 1/3 EV.  Click image for an enlargement.  Enjoy

Red-tailed Hawk