Acorn Woodpecker and Big Bend Photos

I just came across an old photo that I took at Davis Mountains State Park.  Isn’t this one of the uglisest, cutest bird you ever saw??  🙂    It is an Acorn Woodpecker, (Melenerpes formicivorus).  It is pretty common in west Texas west of the Pecos.  Click on the image to see an enlargement.

Acorn Woodpecker

While I am at it I guess I will include some other Big Bend photos that I don’t think you have seen.  Well, maybe you have.  I have so many danged photos and sometimes I don’t remember if I have ever posted them.  The first is one more of the Santa Elena Canyon.  You can see a family preparing to take a short float trip upstream.  When this photo was taken the Rio Grande was pretty calm and not running fast.

Santa Elena Canyon

This next picture is a mountainous desert scene from somewhere in the desolate part of Big Bend National Park.  The image was captured about a year ago on one of my trips there.  I never tire of visiting that vast isolated place. 

Big Bend Landscape

Well, that’s it for this time.  Swing back around again in a few days and I’ll probably have some more to show you. 🙂

Happy birding and photographing and hiking, and etc. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Acorn Woodpecker and Big Bend Photos

  1. Well, I wish I were one of your lovely birds, and could fly over and explore your beautiful wild areas. You’ve really whetted my appetite!

  2. Just beautiful!! Putting people in photos really DOES add some great perspective! Someday I would love to go there…. someday! I love the last photo as well, the colors, composition – a work of art!

  3. Just be thankful it’s not outside your window pecking away.
    I have a couple Red-headed Woodpeckers close to the house, peck, peck, pecking away on the trees.

    Short of killing them I have tried everything to scare them away, still they keep coming back.

    Thanks for sharing Mr. Bob.


    • Thank you very much, Chris. My problem is that I go get hundreds of shots, then don’t have the time to check them out right away, and end up forgetting about them. Later on I re-discover them.


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