Red-Tailed Hawk Begins 2011

Well, here we go again.  I got my sightings all tallied up to date.  My life list stands at 218.  In 2010 I and Ann saw and identified 181 different species.  As I mentioned in a previous post, our original goal was 200.  We came close and we should make it in 2011, as we are now a bit more esperienced.  I also want to get an accurate count of how many of my 218 life list that I have photographed.

Red-tailed Hawk

We missed a few local ones that we should have seen, but we are planning on making a few more longer trips around the state to get some from other areas.  That includes more visits to the Big Bend NP area, Davis Mountains State Park, the X-Bar ranch, then maybe a trip or two into central Texas.  Possibly a trip to the Gulf Coast.

As far as posting to my blog, I will continue to write posts as frequently as I can.  I should be able to include at least one photograph, but some may be older ones taken some time ago.  But, nevertheless, they will be new to you.  The above image of the Red-tailed Hawk, is another from the series that I took this past week.

You may have noticed that I have far fewer flags on my counter to the right.  I was fooling around, trying to tweak it a little, and I lost all my flags.  So I had to start all over.  So I need all of my friends from all over the world to comment on one of my posts, so I get my flags back.  I promise I won’t lose them again.  Fortunately, my ClusterMap still is up to date, so you can click there and see most of my overseas readers’ locations there.

Happy Birding!!