San Angelo State Park Birding Jan. 2

Ann and I decided to do a little birding this morning out at San Angelo State Park.  During a two hour period we saw 29 species.  Pretty good for such a short time.  The temp was about 45 degrees but no wind, so it was quite comfortable.  Here is a list that includes the female Northern Cardinal that you see pictured below.

Blue-winged Teal     4
Northern Shoveler     6
Northern Bobwhite     2
American White Pelican     100
Great Blue Heron     4
Red-tailed Hawk     2
American Kestrel     1
Killdeer     2
Greater Yellowlegs     4
Least Sandpiper     8
Ring-billed Gull     200
White-winged Dove     5
Mourning Dove     1
Ladder-backed Woodpecker     1
Loggerhead Shrike     1
Black-crested Titmouse     2
Northern Mockingbird     8
Curve-billed Thrasher     2
Spotted Towhee     1
Canyon Towhee     2
Vesper Sparrow     5
White-crowned Sparrow     12
Northern Cardinal     8
Pyrrhuloxia     4
Red-winged Blackbird     50
Western Meadowlark     6
Common Grackle     8
House Finch     24
House Sparrow     6

Click the image to see an enlargement.

Happy Birding!!


13 thoughts on “San Angelo State Park Birding Jan. 2

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  2. That’s an impressive list Bob! and I love the photo (as usual).
    Yesterday I had a glimpse of what was most likely a young pilleated woodpecker, I’ve never seen a young one before, but he so resembled the adults I’ve seen I gathered it was a young one, red head e=and everything.
    Have a great 2011 Bob! Happy New Year!

  3. My list might have gone more like this: birds hidden in the trees – 10, birds flying way up in the sky – 6, birds floating on the water – 15, birds picking along the shore – 4…Better binoculars you say? What a wonderful way to spend the day, and to capture such lovely images to boot.

    • That’s hilarious, Cindy. For my birding readers, I may post my lists more often. Ann and I do the birding thing about 3-4 times per week. Since we’re retired, it is definitely a wonderful to spend the day.


  4. What variety, am planning to install some bird feeders in that enclosed backyard of mine. It will give me a chance to see some birds this winter. The temperature changes have been hard on most species staying around here for the winter. I saw a robin last week on my window sill feeder. They are usually gone by mid October at the latest.

  5. Holly, you are so easy to impress. 🙂 But that’s great. Seriously about three fourths of those we saw just sitting in a bird blind, the rest just driving around. We always watch the weather in Michigan. Ann has many relatives in Traverse City and I have a brother in Muskegon. I’m glad you like the photos. Thanks so much.


  6. Bob, you never cease to impress!! I love this shot – such pretty colors, and perfect framing and background!! 29 species is GREAT for 2 hours – what luck!! It was almost 50 degrees here a couple of days ago, if you can believe it – almost a Spring day! The rain washed away all the snow, but today we got it back.

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