Red-shouldered Hawk

I recently had the experience of seeing a Red-shouldered Hawk  (Buteo limeatus) sitting on the nest.  Later I saw him swoop down to get to a piece of raw meat on the ground.  This took place at Dan Brown’s Hummer House and bird refuge.  Dan, himself, tossed out the meat.  I was on hand with my Canon 7d with a 500mm lens, attached to a Manfrotto tripod.  My goal was to photograph the hawk as he grabbed the meat.  I was a little slow, or the bird was very, very fast.  Take your pick.  I prefer to say that he was just too fast for me. 🙂

Feeding Red-Shouldered Hawk

Anyway I missed the shot, but I did get a nice image of him feeding on the meat.   Sibley’s describes the Red-shouldered Hawk as a small forest buteo, usually found near water, hunts mainly mammals, some reptiles and amphibians from perches.  It is rather compact, stocky, and accipiter-like with relatively short, broad wings; all show translucent pale crescent across wingtips.  It has a noticeable red area on the shoulders.  This next photo shows him sitting on a tree branch.

Red-shouldered Hawk

On an earlier trip to the Davis Mountains, we spotted this next one in an open field, watching for a meal.

Red-shouldered Hawk

Enjoy the photos and click on any of them to see an enlargement.

In other news, Suzanne and Sid Johnson, of  Eldorado, Texas were fortunate to see a Phainopepla (Phainopepla nitens) near the south entrance to San Angelo State Park on Saturday, January 8.   Dr. Terry Maxwell of Angelo State University, stated there has only been around eight sightings of that species in this area in the past half-century.   Naturally, I have been on the watch since then to try to get a glimpse of it myself.  So far, my search has been in vain.

Happy Birding