Phainopepla – a new lifer

Suzanne and Sid Johnson reported that they had seen a Phainopepla (Phainopepla nitens) on January 8, 2011 at San Angelo State Park.  I have been watching for it since, but had believed that it had left the building.    But this evening, Ann and I got lucky.  We had been out at the park, doing a little TLC at the bird blind and were leaving the park.  Just a little south of the gatehouse, there it was atop a mesquite tree, about 75 yards away.

I was wondering if I could be lucky enough to get a shot of it before it flew.  First, I took a few exposures from the window of the van with my Canon 7d and 100-400mm lens.  Then I grabbed my other 7d with a 500mm set-up and got out of the van, trying to get just a little closer.  I managed to get a few shots hand-holding the 500mm.  Well, I thought I am doing all right so Ann volunteered to run back to the van and get my 1.4 converter and tripod.  I couldn’t believe my luck that the bird stayed in place for so long.  In all, I shot 130 images, before finally a Northern Mockingbird decided to give chase, and drove off ths Phainopepla.

I have attached one of the better images.  Lifer number 219 for me.  If you click on it and enlarge it, you can make out the red eye.


Happy Birding!!

6 thoughts on “Phainopepla – a new lifer

  1. Great shot Mr. Bob, I wish we had more smaller birds around here in the colder months, I suppose the little guys don’t much care for the cold.

    I did get some pretty good shots of a Red Tail hawk in the snow, I’ll track them down and post them later this evening.


    • Thanks, Raven.

      I’ll really look forward to your photos of the Red-tailed Hawk. Those raptors are awesome, my favorite. and I bet your photos will be something great.

  2. Great job! It was an exciting bird to see, but not a lifer for us. We had seen one on the Indian Reservation in New Mexico. Glad you finally got to see it.

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