Concho River – Black-crowned Night Herons

The beautiful Conch River winds itself through downtown San Angelo, Texas.  I have not been down there in quite awhile, due to Ann’s and my responsibiities to the San Angelo State Park.  It seems activities there have taken over our lives to a certain extent.  Anyway, Friday evening an individual called me saying that he had seen some baby Black-crowned Night Herons perhaps nesting along the shore of the Concho River.

Black-crowned Night Heron

Ann and I decided to investigate, so we drove downtown the following morning to cruise along the river and observe.  We stopped near the location that the man had described over the telephone.  I immediately spotted an adult Black-crowned Night Heron up in a tree above the river.  About a hundred yards away there were two Great Blue Herons in another tree.  In still another tree were four Doubled-crested Cormorants

Great Blue Heron

I was surprised that there was so much bird activity along that river.  We didn’t see the young black-crowns unti were deciding to go home, then we spotted one juvenile sitting on a little dam at a low-water crossing.  Click on any of the images to see enlargements.  Below is a listing of the 12 birds that we saw along the river that morning.  We probably would have gotten many more if we could have stayed longer.

Black-crown Night Heron - juvenile

Happy Birding!!

Number of species:     12

Northern Shoveler     18
Ring-necked Duck     12
Pied-billed Grebe     4
Double-crested Cormorant     12
Great Blue Heron     4
Black-crowned Night-Heron     2
Common Ground-Dove     4
Blue Jay     4
Northern Mockingbird     4
Northern Cardinal     6
Common Grackle     6
Great-tailed Grackle     12

11 thoughts on “Concho River – Black-crowned Night Herons

  1. I just love these heron photos. We have one blue heron in the neighborhood, but nothing quite like this. Spectacular. You obviously have a really large telephoto lens and know what you are doing. They are wonderful and the expressions on their faces sometimes look like they want to speak.

  2. ‘Cruising’ in a boat? Sound like you have a great network going on to receive a phone call about a bird sighting and then be able to go and follow it up. I think you have a very rich life.

    • No, cruising in my car. But is fun when someone calls. It is like “have camera, will travel”. I can’t resist going chasing after a photo opportunity. I agree about me maybe having a rich life, I feel really blessed.


  3. Hi Raven. I’m glad I have the birds and wildlife to keep me busy, or I would be quite bored. I’m glad you like ths photos. Right now we have below freezing weather so I will be house-bound for a day or two.


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