Birding San Angelo News and Photos

I haven’t posted to my blog for a couple of days.  It just got so bone-chilling cold today, that I decided to stay in.  So I haven’t decided on anything special to write about.  I did get my life list up to 220.  I added an American Pippit last week, thanks to Sue Oliver.  We ran into her at O. C. Fisher Lake and she pointed one out.  I haven’t gotten close enough to get a decent photo yet, but now that I know what they look like and where they are, I should be able to come up with a nice image soon.

Blue Grosbeak

The monthly Adult Birding Adventure is coming up this weekend.  I hope to see some more of you out there.  The number of birders that are participating is increasing, but always room for more.  The weather forecast looks good, too.

Bald Eagles - Llano, Texas

The Phainopepla that hung around for about a month has left the building.  He certainly kept to the same area while he was here.  Almost always in the same tree, but alternated with a couple of nearby ones.  He will be missed.

The O. C. Fisher Lake level is drastically decreasing, and therefore the shorebirds are getting harder to see.  But there are plenty to see if you have binoculars or a spotting scope.  A huge number of American White Pelicans have left, but there was still around two dozen yesterday.  We have been seeing at least one Herring Gull

White Ibis

Since plans for a second bird-blind has been put on the back burner, Ann and I have expanded the feeding area at the present one.  On the east side, we have added a couple more feeders so the viewing experience has been enhanced.

Nest week on the 15th, Ann and I, along with Jodie Wolslager are heading to New Mexico to spend a couple of days.  We plan on visiting the Boxque Del Apache National Wildlife Refuge.  I hope to bring back some new photographs, hopefully of some Snow Geese, Sandhill Cranes, and I hope to get lucky and see a Bald Eagle.

Ringed Kingfisher

By the way, these photos have nothing to do with today’s subject.  But I can’t resist not putting photos with my posts. 🙂  Enjoy them, and click on either image to see an enlargement.

9 thoughts on “Birding San Angelo News and Photos

  1. Wow – beautiful photos as always! I also love the vibrant colors in the grosbeak. Hope you have a great trip – good luck spotting the birds on your wish-list.

  2. I understand the bone-chilling cold, it’s supposed to get down to -17 degrees tonight!! 😦 These shots are all just gorgeous! I love the bright blue of the Grosbeak, perfect shot of the eagles, the Ibis is such an interesting looking bird (and what a pretty background – such pure colors), and what a cute little Kingfisher (at least, he looks little – are they small birds?)! Can’t wait to see your photos from your trip – hopefully it’ll be warmer there!

    • The long-range forecast does look good for those dates. Thanks, Holly, for your comments. Yes those Kingfishers are tiny and very cute. Most of these pictures on this post are old photos that I just wanted to put in to add interest. Stay warm. 🙂


  3. Hey Bob,
    Enjoyed the post and the birds. Not sure if I had seen the shot of the two bald eagles before….great shot! Hope you are both doing well. Things are good here. Feeling great all the time.

    See yhall soon…

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