Ground Squirrel and San Angelo State Park

I was leaving San Angelo State Park one day, and as I drove by some trees this Mexican Ground Squirrel was muching on a mesquite bean pod.  He looked at me as if I was being rude to watch as he ate.  Embarrassed that he caught me looking, I moved on. 🙂

Mexican Ground Squirrel

Seriously, soon there may not be any mesquites left in the park.  They are not a native specie, but were brought in many years ago, probably accidentally on truck tires, carried by birds, etc.  They are a very thirsty plant.  They multiply, their roots run deep and they use up all of the ground water.   The Concho River is the source for O. C. Fisher lake, and the mesquites along the water shed and in the park are spelling the demise of the river and the lake.  To that end, a program is under way to eradicate all of the mesquites in the along the watershed and the park.  The park itself, encompasses more than seven thousand acres.  I worry for the loss of habitat, but those authorities in the know, say that there are enough native species left to sustain the wildlife.

Cabin at San Angelo State Park

More native species will be brought in to some areas.  With the mesquites and salt cedar gone, someday, along with some good rains, perhaps the river will flow again, the lake will fill, and the boat ramps will reach the water. 

O. C. Fisher Lake at San Angelo State Park

In other good news, a showing of my framed photographs will continue for another month at the Crockett National Bank in downtown San Angelo.  Originally I was invited to show for the months of December and January only, but it has been so well received that I have been extended indefinitely.  So if you get to San Angelo, drop in and have a look.  All of my work there is for sale, and I also have prints available in any size.

Click on the photos to see enlargements.

14 thoughts on “Ground Squirrel and San Angelo State Park

  1. Love that photo of the squirrel Bob, he does look somewhat bewildered 🙂 I rather like the cabin photo too, has a nice “western” appeal to it, nicely flanked by that tree, very picturesque.
    About writing a book, if it sounds daunting, then its probably a good reason to try it 🙂 Give a shot at short chapters 🙂

  2. Cindy, I appreciate your kind words so much and your encouragement, but I have too much going right now to get involved in trying to write a book. I does sound intriguing and I will definitely give it some thought. Maybe someday……..:-)

  3. Weeds are the biggest environment problem there is Bob. What appears to be an innocent plant in its own habitat, becomes a raging menace elsewhere. Of course, humans are mostly the culprits.

  4. From a sweet image of a squirrel with a touch of humour, through important concerns about an invasive plant to happy news, all beautifully illustrated. Nice flow here, Bob. Congratulations on the extension of your exhibition.

      • Oh, I absolutely think you should make a book. If I were in your area, I would want to buy a guide full of your pictures, they’re much more attractive and so detailed that they would be better for identification than those in my field guides. You could spice it up with some of your great stories and anecdotes to give the reader a real feel for the place.

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