Blowing Winds of West Texas

Ann and I drove out to the San Angelo State Park late this morning for some impromptu birding.  Unfortunately, the wind got up (again) and the birds were staying down.  We did get some glimpses of some Bullock’s Orioles that are starting to arrive, but they were not visible enough to get any useable photos.  We did spot this Greater Roadrunner near the bird blind so I have these images for you.

Greater Roadrunner


Greater Roadrunner

 You may have read about all of the wildfires that have been going on here in west Texas.  At Fort Davis there is still a fire raging over 200,000 acres that still isn’t under control completely yet.  Closer to home we had one just outside of town.  This image shows it coming over a butte.  Just a few hours later, it had reached this fence, and the road on which I was standing was closed to traffic.  As of this writing, it has been contained and the fire units are mopping up some hot spots.  Hopefully, the high winds today won’t stir them up again.

Wildfire near San Angelo, Texas

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