Going Down to the X-Bar Ranch

Today Ann and I are going down to the X-Bar Ranch to stay until coming back on Thursday.  It is an excellent birding spot so we hope to see some of the birds coming north during the migration.  Click on the above link to see more about it.

Due to the fires here in west Texas that you have probably read about, we haven’t been out much because of the smoke in the air.  We have a fire that stopped at our northern city limits, before the wind changed and started moving it north.  As of this writing it has burned 130,000 acres and is still moving north.  Fortunately, so far there have been no loss of life and property damage has been minimal.  It has managed to skirt around the city of Robert Lee.

We did get out for a little bit yesterday morning to check on the bird blind at San Angelo State Park.  Here are a couple images that I was able to get.  I hope you enjoy them.  Of course, click on either of them to see enlarged image.

Black-crested Titmouse


Cotton-tailed Rabbit

 Most likely, this will be my last post until we return.  I’m hoping to have a few more images for you.

5 thoughts on “Going Down to the X-Bar Ranch

  1. Beautiful critters!! 🙂 That’s good that the fire isn’t as bad as it could be….. hopefully it’ll burn out soon!! Have fun on your trip – looking forward to the photos!

  2. I’m sure you’re having a wonderful time. I’m sorry to hear the fires are still burning. With all this late snow, I expect that this will be one spring we will not have to worry about that. Love these images and am looking forward to see what you will bring back from your trip.

  3. Great photos..I love the Cottontails..had one 2 years ago that lived with us in our carport and ate with the birds plus we broke down and bought rabbit food. We have over 5 foot snow on the ground, so we had lots of visitors at the feeders. We the Juniper Titmouse bird here in are area. They are great. Hope the fires burn out..we are in extreme fire watch now..and not if we have a fire, but when..Take care and stay well…

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