Tale of the Take – Fledged Great Blue Herons

This past Monday morning, before I had to see the doctor for my pre-surgery instructions, I went with Ann for a little drive along the Concho River, here in downtown San Angelo.  Along the way, we saw activity up in a Great Blue Heron aerie.  It was about 50 feet high in a tree overhanging the river.  With our binoculars we discovered that there were three fledglings, nearly old enough to fly.

It was a very exciting moment, so I got my tripod and camera out of the car and set it up about another 50 feet away from the tree.  The sun was right at me so the birds were back-lit in the morning sun.  To photograph them from the side with better light I would have to have been in the river itself.  I compensated by adjusting my EV (exposure value) setting.  I exposed around 75 images and the  following are three of my favorites. 

The first is of the fledglings themselves.  The second has the adult mother.  The third shows one of the fledges peeking over the edge of the nest, maybe thinking about making the big jump.  I hope you enjoy my cute captions.  Click on either one for an enlargement.

"All My Children"

  • Canon EOS 7D
  • Canon 500mm IS lens with 1.4 tele-converter
  • Bogen-Manfrotto tripod with Wimberley II gimbal head
  • 1/1250 sec @ f13 – Plus 1/3 EV compensation
  • ISO 1000
  • Lens focal distance 700mm
  • Aperture priority
  • Partial metering
“But, Ma, we’re hungry!”
  • Canon EOS 7D
  • Canon 100-400mm lens
  • 1/640 sec @ f10 – plus 2/3 EV compensation
  • ISO 320
  • Lens focal distance 320mm
  • Aperture Priority
  • Partial metering

    "We double-dare ya!"

  • Canon EOS 7D
  • Canon 500mm with 1.4 tele-converter
  • Bogen-Manfrotto tripod with Wimberley II gimbal head
  • 1/320 sec @ f10 – plus 2/3 EV compensation
  • ISO 100
  • Lens focal distance 700mm
  • Shutter priority
  • Partial metering

You can still vote for me.  Click on this link People’s Choice Award, then check off your favorite photo.  I appreciate you. 🙂

14 thoughts on “Tale of the Take – Fledged Great Blue Herons

  1. Great to see you back, Bob! I have to say I’ve been somewhat absent as well with our move and all. That was a huge job. I’m glad all seems to be well with your surgery, Bob!

    These are amazing images, as always! I really appreciate the exposure details! Thanks, Bob! I look forward to many more captures from you!! You’re me inspiration!


  2. Those are some rough looking birds! Glad your surgery went well. I’m almost recovered from my Lasik. Hope to be back to 100% by the end month!

    • Thanks, I am very pleased. Within 48 hours I was driving and not needing my glasses. 20/20 vision now in the right eye. Can’t wait to have the left one done in two weeks.

  3. Glad to see you back to soon. These are fabulous! The fledglings look so very prehistoric. The detail you got backlit at 700 mm is so impressive. I can’t pick a favourite. They each tell a story and I love your cute captions.

    • Those chicks are hilarious, as Linda says. I had to adjust the EV to get more light on the birds. Unfortunately, I lost the blue sky behind them. but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Thanks, Cindy

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