Chili Macho Nachos – Update

Just a few adjustments that I must make to the fore-published recipe for Ann’s Chili Macho Nachos.  First, I might mention that with the mentioned amounts of the various ingredients, you will have enough for about four plates of the nachos.  That’s figuring you will fill the plates with around fifteen to twenty scoops.

Also, one commentor mention about seeding the jalapenos.  Hey, what do I know?  I only write this stuff.  I checked with Ann and she said that, yes, you should take the seeds from the jalapenos. 🙂

So, with that out of the way.  Here is a photo of a female Bullock’s Oriole that I took yesterday morning near the entrance to San Angelo State Park.

  • Bullock’s Oriole – female
  • Canon EOS 7D
  • Canon 500mm IS lens withe 1.4 tele-converter – hand-held
  • 1/2500 sec. @ f5.6 – plus 2/3 EV adjustment
  • ISO 320
  • Lens focal distance 700mm
  • Partial metering

Enjoy the photo and click the image to see an enlargement.  Don’t forget the voting is still open for that Peoples Choice Awards at this link: People’s Choice Award.  I appreciate everyone’s help. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Chili Macho Nachos – Update

  1. Hi, regarding the seeds in/or seeds out discussion, here’s my two cents worth (or should that be 50 cents worth … LOL). I’m partial to the seeds. The hotter, the better I say. 🙂

    • Deb, I say amen. 🙂 I am surprised that Ann decided to take them out, as she usually like hotter stuff than I do. I think she had a senior moment. She says that the next time she is going to leave them in, as she now feels that maybe she is missing something. 🙂

  2. Beautiful shot of the oriole! Looks like he has a little beard!! 🙂 I’m a big chicken when it comes to anything HOT (mildly spicy I can stand, like the spicy chicken sandwich from Wendy’s), so I would definitely have to take the seeds OUT!!

  3. Love the color on color of the Bullock Oriole and oranges..seeds to be or not to be…Ha Ha that is the question??? Have Marvelous Monday..

  4. Bob…Another vote for you! Bob, you are my wonderful friend and I think Ann is the Bee’s Knee’s (<—-Gratuitous Funky Old Dude Lingo), but I am sad to say that I part ways with her on this pepper thing. I must say in advance that I am a rather unrefined guy, aka, Redneck, and as such, I always leave the seeds on (in?) the peppers, cooked or fresh, especially spicier peppers like jalapenos, cayenne and habanero. 🙂


    • Great, Toby. I am with you. Seeds in!!! Even Ann is re-considering. She says she always made them without the seeds, but since she really likes hot spicey stuff, she may leave them in the next time.

      Let’s hear from others. What should it be?? Seeds in?? Seeds out??

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