Photographing San Angelo Country Club

Since this is the week of the playing of the U. S. Open at Congressional Country Club, I thought it would be an ideal time to show you some of my other work.  I know, my forte is probably birds and wildlife, but I really love the beauty of golf courses.  One of my favorites, that I feel is one of the most photogenic in west Texas, is the local San Angelo Country Club.  It is full of character, trees, water, hilly terrain, and a downright difficult 18 holes, at least for me.

Back in 2005 the golf pro invited me to photograph a few holes, to frame and put for sale in the pro shop.  The following are four of those, and they just happen to be some of my the best sellers.  I photographed them, using an original Canon EOS digital Rebel and a Tamron 28-300 zoom lens.  I was new to the digital age back Iwanted to get my feet wet.   Checking the EXIF data, I believe that I mostly set the camera on automatic, because I lacked self-confidence to try to get “fancy”.  I do remember that I shot at ISO 100 for maximum sharpness.

After finishing the shoot, I placed several framed and matted full-frame 12x18s for sale in the shop.  I sold several during the follow months.  If any San Angelo Country Club member is reading this, I still have framed prints left for sale.  Just contact me.  Descriptions are below each image.

Hole Number One.  Probably my favorite of them all.  A lengthy opening hole, downhill with a slight left dogleg.  The second shot must carry a creek that crosses the fairway, then winds up along the right sideof the green.  I took this photograph from across the creek, looking up towards the flag.  It was early morning and I liked the light that was coming from the left.

Hole Number Three.  Another par four.  This photograph is looking across the green toward another adjacent hole.  The fairway comes in from the left of the picture, but I liked this old Mesquite tree in the foreground.

Hole Number Six.  This a beautiful par three.  It doesn’t play as long as it looks.  I think the water is intimidating.  Somehow I always picked too much club and ended up air-mailing the green.  With the menacing pond in front, that is not a bad mistake.

Hole Number 10.  Another nice little par three to begin the last nine.  From another elevated tee that carries a little creek.

Well, so much for my golf photography.  I haven’t played in nearly four years, but looking again at these pictures, I am getting a hankering to do so again.  FORE!!!!!  🙂

Also, to vote for one of my photographs in National Wildlife Magazine’s annual contest, click here  People’s Choice .

8 thoughts on “Photographing San Angelo Country Club

  1. It’s always worth clicking on you images to see them larger and even more so with these. You’ve composed each so beautifully, taking advantage of the lovely scenery, light and shadows.

    • I do have another side, when it comes to photography. I love to do the wildlife, but then again when I see beautiful scenics I also try to capture them, albeit not always successful. But as a golfer, I really got to appreciate the beauty of the courses. And when I photograph them, I try to pick the most interesting and aesthetic aspect of each hole. Thanks again, Cindy.

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