Great Horned Owlet II

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You probably have seen my previous post about the young Great Horned Owl.  Yesterday morning we took a little drive through Spring Creek Park, and we saw the little creature again.  This time he/she had roamed into an area of trees that were “owned” by a bunch of Northern Mockingbirds.  They were chasing him, and actually physically bumping him when ever he lit on a tree branch.  He couldn’t sit still for a minute, before one of the mockingbirds ran into him, trying to knock him off of his perch.  I managed to get this photo, plus a few others, before I decided he had enough to contend with, without having to fear me also.

  •  Canon EOS 7D
  • Canon 100-400 zoom lens
  • 1/500 sec. @ f5.6
  • ISO 200
  • Lens focal distance 370mm