Tweaking My New Gallery and other news

I have been busy loading photographs into my new on-line gallery, so I haven’t been able to find time to write a new blog article.  So be patient, my dear readers, and I will have some new exciting tales of photographic adventures for you soon.

To update you on my gallery, here are the highlights.  I first closed down my original web-site.  Some of you may not even be aware that I had one.  But that site was from where I imported the slide shows that I had on my blog originally.  Combining my blog with my new image collection does the same that my big web-site did, but in a more simpler way.

My new gallery has the best of my best images.  You can click on my gallery link either from the button at the top of this page, or the link on the right side.  There you can look at the photographs, click on them for an enlargement and more information about the image.  You can also select Portfolio, then Collections, and see slide shows of my different categories.

Another nice feature that I think you will like is FREE E-CARDS.  That’ right, I said free.  You simply click on the image as I explained.  Then underneath the enlargement you will see a tiny “e-card” logo.  Click on that, type your little message, and send an e-card to anyone you wish, for any occasion, using my photograph, free of charge.  You can begin to use that service immediately.

To make a purchase, click the “buy” logo under the enlargement, and you will be shown options such as size, paper type, and price.  Or you can forget the whole thing and just look at the photos. 🙂

My annual calendars won’t available in the gallery.  I will have them for sale separately, again at 20.00 including shipping.  The 2012 edition is currently in production and they should be available around the end of August.  The demand was so great last year that I want to make sure that I have enough.  I still do business the old-fashioned way.  You trust me, and I will trust you with an “e-handshake”.  Just mail me a check for 20.00, and I’ll get one in the mail to you.  For quantities of more than two, contact me by e-mail or by phone, 325-944-1839, for adjusted pricing.

Now I must get back to adding more photos to the gallery.  By the way, you can keep up with the additions, by checking back once or twice a day.

10 thoughts on “Tweaking My New Gallery and other news

  1. Your new gallery looks amazing – that’s quite the website – I’ll have to spend some time perusing it! Love the free e-card idea… and the calendar sounds great. Put me down for one!

  2. I was looking at your gallery (which is very nice by the way!) but wondering: when I scroll my mouse over an image, a number shows up in the lower right corner, in the same strip that the title is located. Out of curiosity, I wanted to ask what that number means? Is it a rating or price or something else … ? Just curious 🙂

    • Hi Shelly, I’m glad you asked. Those are ratings numbers, based on how many viewers have “liked” them so far. I don’t really understand it all that much. To get prices you have to click that image. An enlargement appears, with little buttons underneath. When you click “buy”, a table comes up to pick size, paper type,price, etc. Another button to the right of shows “e-card”. With that you can send a FREE e-card to anyone you choose. Back on my main page, at the left is a link to this wordpress blog, and another link to my portfolio. There you can view my different collections in slide-show fashion.

      So far, I am enjoying that 500px gallery. I have been adding pictures daily, and I have many more to go. I am trying to only show my best of each bird, animal, scenics, etc.

      But, back to the ratings numbers, they don’t really mean that much to me. I just like that I can have my photos up where anybody and everybody can see them.

  3. I still need to get over to your new gallery to check it out – I haven’t been feeling very well (on top of the tremendous heat wave we have), and the days just seem to slip by. I know… excuses, excuses!! 😉

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