New day – new pictures

I haven’t been doing much these hot days, except going back through my literally thousands of pictures.  You guys should feel sorry for me.  Here I slave over a hot computer, just to entertain you.  What do I get out of it?  Well, actually I get some great comments from all of you.  I appreciate them all.  It is good for my ego.

Several of you like my sense of humor.  It’s true that I have a great sense of humor, but like I told Holly, I try to keep it under control.  After all, there are a lot of comedians out of work.  But I need to keep occupied until the temps cool down a little below the 100 degree mark.  I want to get my cameras back outside and back in action.

So, today I have some pictures that I have gotten from my archives.  I don’t know if you have seen them before, but I put them on my 500px  page also.  I took all of these with my Canon 40D, so I know they are probably at least three years old.  Of course, if I’m not too lazy, I could look at my EXIF data and find out for sure. 🙂

Gee, I can remember way back in the old days, before “EXIF”, “HTTP”, “HTML” and “BLT”, we had to write all our camera data down on little cards if we wanted to remember it.  Then we had to save all them film negatives.  I still have shoe boxes full of them.  I guess I am aging myself here, I guess.  One young lady commented to me this morning, that she reminded her of a Grandpa she never had. 🙂 I take that as a compliment.  Let’s face it.  I am 76 years young, but still feel about twenty years younger.  That’s what a good sense of humor can do for you.

Lesser Goldfinch

  • Canon EOS 40D
  • Canon 100-400mm zoom lens
  • 1/400 sec. @ f7.1
  • ISO 640
  • Lens focal distance  340mm
  • Metering – center weighted
  • Aperture priority

Bullock's Oriole

  • Canon EOS 40D
  • Canon 100-400mm zoom lens
  • 1/400 sec. @ f7.1
  • ISO  800
  • Lens focal distance  400mm
  • Metering – center weighted
  • Aperture priority

Curve-billed Thrasher

  • Canon EOS 40D
  • Canon 100-400mm zoom lens
  • 1/800 sec. @ f6.3
  • ISO  400
  • Lens focal distance  375mm
  • Metering – center weighted
  • Aperture priority

So that’s it for another day or so.  But keep watching, you never know when I might pop in with another surprise post.  Oh, by the way, click on those images and have a look at the enlarged views.  One more thing, my 2012 calendars shipped already.  I’ll have them soon.

I just thought of a neat idea.  An Early Bird Special.  I still have some of my DVDs left, you remember those I made, bird photos set to some great music.  If you send me a check for 20.00US, I not only will send you the calendar, but I will throw in one of those DVDs at no extra charge.  But remember, if you already have the DVD, I still will send you one, but it is not a re-issue.  It is still the same one.

So send a check for 20.00 US, plus your address, and include your e-mail address as well.  Upon receipt I will send you one of my 2012 Bird Calendars plus my Bird photograph DVD, with some great music.  Make check payable to Bob Zeller.  Mail to 4401 White Ash Ln., San Angelo, TX 76904-4528.


5 thoughts on “New day – new pictures

  1. The thing I miss the least about the film days was keeping track of exposure, time, day, etc. Thank goodness that this information can be stored alongside images so I don’t have to rely on my handwriting. Beautiful images as always, Bob.


  2. I love reading your posts, Bob! You do NOT sound like anyone else in their mid 70’s that I know!! 😉 Gorgeous shots, as always! Believe it or not (and I almost forgot about this… I know, for shame….), in high school I took a photography class where we used SLR cameras that took FILM! We only used b&w, but we had our own darkroom there and we got to process the film and develop the prints ourselves. It was quite an experience! Too bad I failed it….. 😦 Who would have guessed that I would end up doing this, huh?? 😉

    • Thanks for the little tale, Holly 🙂 I done some b&w developing, too, and it was very fascinating watching the photo appear in the chemicals. Now we can do the same thing, digitally, and keep our hands clean. 🙂

  3. The lights and shadows in the curved bill thrasher shot are great..what a play on color of the bird..Bullock’s Oriole is magnificent and such rich colors. The lesser finch is new to me..great shot. Take care and stay cool…You all really need some rain according to the news reports.

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