Blue Grosbeak Editing

Yesterday I posted some Blue Grosbeak pictures that I had went back and edited.  Today I will show you one of my old ones, that at the time when I took the photo, it didn’t exactly knock my socks off.  It, like the others just didn’t seem to have that “pop”.  Here is the original “before” image.

Before editing

Now here is the “after” editing image.  First I removed a tiny bit of noise that existed, using my DeNoise software.  Then I used ” shadows/highlights” tool in Photoshop Elements, to lighten the shadows and darken the highlights.  That in itself helps the image to pop.  I then saturated the image at about +6.  I then finished it off by using my Focus Magic plug-in for some sharpening.   Oh, I almost forgot.  Using my “healing” tool, I removed that little stem from the left-bottom of the photo.   Here is the finished result.  Notice it has more “pop”.  When you click on each image, you can see the difference.  The difference between really a good photo, to a much even better great photo.

After editing

11 thoughts on “Blue Grosbeak Editing

  1. enjoying your photos as usual. it’s like my morning devotional to see what you have posted for the day. would you just order some cooler weather while you are at it? Love the spoonbills on your calendar.

  2. Thanks for posting a before & after and description of your edits – for someone like me just learning photoshop, it’s a lot of help to see what kinds of edits can be done to improve an image. I think I’m sold on the Focus Magic plug-in now 🙂

    • Those edits are quick and easy. I try to keep it simple. Just that “shadows and highlights” tool in the enhance menu, can really help a photo, for example. I have to admit, I don’t know how to get into using layers, and some of that other complicated stuff.. Some of that stuff is over my head. 🙂

  3. Nothing like using artist’s peragative to enhance the work. Great photo. It snaps now. We had our babies at the feeders today again. What a treat.

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