Ann and I – For better or for worse

Ann and I made a trip out around the parks by Lake Nasworthy to see if there was much in the way of wildlife.  Well, I must say, it was pretty darned quiet.  Not much in the way of birds.  We saw one Great Blue Heron, several finches, grackles, and spooked a Great Horned Owl, when we drove under a tree where he was roosting.  So one of the great things about our little trip there, was at least we enjoyed each others’ company.   And well we should.  In a week or so  we will have been married 53 years.  (Do I know how to change the subject or what?)

So what a better time to introduce to you, my fellow blogger and readers, my faithful wife of all those years.  Introducing Ann.  To show you how little we have changed I will show you these “before” and “after” photos.  Ya gotta love these.  The first picture here, was taken circa 1962, I’m not sure exactly.  But I guess we had been married 4 or 5 years then.

Before - us early 1960s

Now this picture was taken about 45 years later.  Please notice there is really not much difference except for the silly grin on my face.  But, I think I have a silly grin in each picture.

Now (almost) - about 45 years later

We have had some fun times over the years, from the time we attended our first, last, and only bullfight down in Acuna………………..


… the time we went rafting on the Rio Grande River.  I think that was when I almost fell overboard trying to photograph an alligator that had gotten away from someone.

Heading for the white water

Ann has put up with me and my shenanigans from the time I was a wild musician……………………

Me - 2nd from right

until we just settled down like two old retired people.  Ann does her sewing stuff………………………….

Ann doing her sewing stuff

…………..and me doing my photography stuff.

Me doing my photography stuff.

So, Ann, this Bud’s blog’s for you.  Let’s toast us with our margaritas to another great 53 years. 🙂

To my readers, if you like you can click on any image to see astounding enlargements. 🙂