New changes to my blog

I have been tweaking my blog again.  Someday, I will have it right.

First, the name.  I have always felt that some people may have thought my “Texas Tweeties”  site had some connotations to TWITTER.  I do not Twitter, nor do I Facebook or use any other social networks.  My blog is mainly about birding and photography.  I am not sure if I like this new name yet, so if any of you would like to make suggestions, please make comment.

Secondly, I have fine-tuned access to my photo collections.  You can click on my Galleries page for links to my various portfolios.  You can also click on the Flickr logo to the right of this post.

One thought on “New changes to my blog

  1. I hear where you are coming from..personally I liked Texas was catchy and descriptive of your work..because you capture the Tweeties of Texas with your camera..I changed by website to Reflections of stone for a while, and ultimately went back to Syl’s Echoes of Nature…Love your photos no matter what name you decide on…

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