Pictures from Middle Concho Park

On Thursday morning Ann and I made a journey to Middle Concho Park.  With cooler temperatures we thought we could enjoy the drive through there.  We saw a few bird species that we hadn’t seen in several weeks.  Notably were some Vermilion Flycatchers, both adult male and some juveniles.  Also one Eastern Bluebird, an Eastern Phoebe, finches and herons.

"Welcome to my pad".

  • First year Green heron
  • Photographed  September 8, 2011
  • Canon EOS 7d
  • Canon 100-400mm zoom lens
  • 1/1250 sec. @ f8 – ISO 400
  • Lens focal distance  400mm
  • Metering – spot
  • Shutter priority

Male Vermilion Flycatcher

  • Male Vermilion Flycatcher
  • Photographed  September 8, 2011
  • Canon EOS 7D
  • Canon 500mm lens with 1.4 tele-converter
  • 1/1600 sec. @ f7.1 – minus 1/3 EV adjustment
  • ISO 100
  • Lens focal distance  700mm
  • Metering – partial
  • Shutter priority

Enjoy.  Click on either image to see an enlargement.

74 thoughts on “Pictures from Middle Concho Park

  1. I think all of your posts are FP capable. Keep it up, Bob. I got to see a few more of your older posts looking for this one. I’m a little behind in my blog-reading…

  2. Hi Bob,
    Great pictures, I’ve a friend who has visited Texas, he informs me that its a Twitchers (birders) paradise.

    I’ve just put a couple of bird shots on my blog site, which I shot in South Africa , if you fancy viewing them.
    Regards, Ian from the UK

  3. Stunning shots. I much admire those who can compose a shot, do a painting or carve a beautiful sculpture. I think photography doesn’t get it’s full deserts. Thanks for the posting.

    • There are Northern Cardinals and there are Vermilion Flycatchers. The cardinals are a much larger bird than the flycatcher. So you may be seeing either one, depending on the size. But I will say that that tiny flycatcher is pretty elusive. 🙂

  4. Lived in San Angelo for about a year and a half; very fond memories of the city and Middle Concho Park. Was surprised to see “Middle Concho” on WordPress’s homepage. Beautiful pictures, my friend.

    • Thanks, Mimi. When you are taking the National Parks, don’t leave out the Big Bend National Park here in Texas. That’s where my heart is, and I am heading there again in a couple of weeks.

  5. Hey Bob. Great shots here! I have to tell you, though, as great as these are, they are not even your finest. After looking back through some of your other posts, I see that you’ve quite the skills for spotting birds and capturing their distinctive attributes. He’s quite the painter, huh?

  6. Great shots! My daughter’s school studied birds all year long as a theme last year. She has so much knowledge and appreciation of birds now. It’s wonderful. Loved your blog.

  7. Bob, Beautiful photographs! Makes me proud to be a Texan. We had a painted bunting visit our patio birdbath once here in San Antonio. What a thrill! A friend from Louisiana said that they look like sparrows dressed up for Mardi Gras. Some Baltimore orioles stopped by for a drink just recently. I don’t think I’ve ever seen their shade of orange. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! Well deserved. Cheers, Denise

    • Thanks a lot, Denise. Yes, those Painted Buntings actually look like they have been hand-painted when you see them close-up. The Man upstairs is handy with a brush. I checked your blog about the sights to see in San Antonio and they brought back memories of some of my trips there. At the La Villita on the RiverWalkI was fortunate to have sold a HUGE number of my photographs at a show there. I have been to the San Antonio Zoo, but during a rain and the animals and birds were under cover. I have
      photographed the Alamo.

      I really need to get back there again as my last trip was about 8 years ago. My problem is now when I get the time, I always head for the Big Bend country, as I will again in two weeks.

      But I have subscribed to your blog, so I will depend on you to keep me up to date. 🙂

      Thanks for writing.

  8. Bob,

    I fish at Toledo Bend Reservoir and Sam Rayburn Lake both in East Texas. We fish the areas that have the big Lilly Pads with huge plastic worms. They look just like this.

    Nice Photo’s.


  9. You’ve been “Freshly Pressed” TWICE? How wonderful! You deserve it for all your beautiful and hard work.

    Congratulations Bob and well done!

  10. Nice pictures! My favorite is the flycatcher, although the caption on the first is pretty funny! I got a chance to visit Jungle Island in Miami this past weekend and I wish I’d gotten pictures as cool as these, which remind me that I need to post mine up.
    Congrats on being freshly pressed!(:

  11. Congratulations Bob! Beautiful pictures. I read your bio and you are truly inspiring. Once again, congratulations and keep shooting : )

  12. Pingback: My Promotion to Freshly Pressed « Texas Tweeties by Bob Zeller

  13. You really have bigggggg lily pads..great shot…and once again my favorite little bird…the flycatcher…have a great Sunday…ps my web is down for now..changed hosts…really an ordeal..hopefully back up Monday..

  14. Love these! I love how the top one is standing on a lily pad… or at least I think it’s a lily pad. 🙂 So cool! And the bottom photograph of the flycatcher is absolutely beautiful! I just want to scoop him up… but he’d probably bite me. Ha. Anyways, great post!

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