In memoriam – September 11, 2001

Our distinct memory of that day.  Ann and I had just turned on the television minutes after the first plane struck the first tower.  We sat, held each other, and cried as we watched the second tower get hit, then the eventual collapse of both towers.  We will never forget.

This post is in memory of the thousands that we saw die that morning.



4 thoughts on “In memoriam – September 11, 2001

  1. I was at work that morning, a friend called me to tell me what had just happened. The US is definitely a different place than it was 10 years ago. Someday my boys will read about it in a history book, and I will be able to tell them what it felt like….

  2. I had just put on coffee, my husband was shaving getting ready for work, i turned on the TV and saw to my horror, the first plane hit the tower, I called to Leroy and we both stood watching the unbelievable sight..We will never forget…God Bless America….

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