My Promotion to Freshly Pressed

I would like all to know that the following post, click this link:  Middle Concho Park,   has been selected to Freshly Pressed by

I am honored.  This is the second time since I started blogging that one of my posts has been selected.

Go to to see this and other deserving posts.

16 thoughts on “My Promotion to Freshly Pressed

  1. Congrats Bob!! I saw this post earlier in the week and sent a silent high-five congratulations. But now that I have some weekend time to catch up on commenting on my favorite blogs, I wanted to tell you that I was so excited for you 🙂 WOOHOO!!

  2. Congratulations Bob, YOU deserve !!
    ….. is a pleasure to see your photos 🙂

    Thanks for posting
    I like to visit your Photoblog because I always learn something about photography here!!



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