Adventures from the Big Bend – Tuesday – Day 2

After a good night’s sleep in our cozy casita at Far Flung Outdoor Center, we woke early to a pleasant, partly cloudy sky.  Actually, it was pitch-black out when we got up, so the partly-cloudiness came a bit after that.  We wanted to drive to the eastern side of the park near Boquillas Canyon.  The Rio Grande Village RV Site is located near there.  It is one of the prime birding areas in the park.

Vermilion Flycatcher

But I am getting ahead of myself.  First we needed to eat.  Our destination for that little endeavor was Frank Jones’ Roadrunner Deli.  We had eaten there on on our last trip to the Big Bend and were thrilled.  A little non-descript place with 4 tables inside and a few outside.  The is behind the counter and covers the wall, and I think a few little items are written in the margins.  And a large menu it is, as he is open for breakfast and lunch from 7:30 until 3:00PM.

I opted for a pair of eggs over medium with crispy bacon and toast.  Ann was still a bit under the weather and she just had hot tea and toast.  The price was great and we left there pretty well sated.


We left there to head for Rio Grande Village, a distance of about 65 miles from the western to the eastern side of the Big Bend NP.  That national park is one big place, covering around 750,000 acres.

Turkey Vulture

The Rio Grande Village RV Park was vacant.  No RVs or campers yet, as the “snowbirds” hadn’t started to arrive yet.  They are the people from the north that spend the winter in Texas.  We spent a couple of hours just driving slowly through the area.  The were birds galore.  We saw our first ever Sora, which is a little bird that lives in the reeds and marsh grasses.  There were hundreds of my favorite little bird, the Vermilion Flycatcher, plus assorted other species, finches, woodpeckers, warblers, sparrows, etc.  And, of course, we can’t leave out that ever-popular Turkey Vulture.


On the way out we spotted this Javelina along with another, along the side of the road.

Threatening showers over Chichuahuan Desert

I hope you are enjoying this trip as much as Ann and I had.  Watch the next few posts for more from our adventure.  And of course, click on any image to see and enlargement.

22 thoughts on “Adventures from the Big Bend – Tuesday – Day 2

  1. Your photos and words have inspired me to start thinking long term and plan a trip to Big Bend National Park. It looks like a beautiful place, full of interesting geology and beautiful vistas. It also has some animals that we don’t come across over in my neck of the woods, like the javelina.

    I’ll make sure to stop in at the Roadrunner for my breakfasts, and let them know that it was on your enthusiastic recommendation.

    In your opinion, when is the best time of year to visit? Spring or fall?

    Thank you for sharing your visions with us

    • Thanks for writing, Galen. You will certainly enjoy Big Bend NP. I’ll tell Frank Jones you’re coming for breakfast. He owns the Roadrunner. The best time to visit is anytime between September and the end of May. The summers can be pretty hot. Thanks for subscribing to my blog. 🙂

  2. I adore turkey vultures! They are just the most magnificent birds in flight. Thanks so much for the photo. And I just got so excited to see the Javelina! 🙂 You always take such wonderful photos, and you open the world up to people. So thank you! And hope Ann is feeling better!

    • Thank you, Katie. Not too many people think that highly of the Turkey Vulture around here. I’m glad you like it, and my other photos. Ann is feeling a little better.

  3. When I was teaching in California I used to read a storybook to my 1st and 2nd graders that I discovered in the Heard Museum in Arizona. I was titled “The Three Little Javalinas.” The children were always surprised to learn that there were such hairy little pigs living in the desert. I love those little hairy critters! 😉 I’m sorry your wife was under the weather. It’s never fun to be sick, but especially not on vacation!
    Thanks for sharing,

    • This Javalina in my picture was a young ones, I believe. They are cute and hairy, but they stink to high heaven. 🙂

      Ann had some sinus difficulties but she is feeling better now.
      Thanks for writing, Lynda

  4. Ah..the Javelina..haven’t seen one since leaving Wickenburg AZ. and the Vermillion Flycatcher is spectacular..I am familiar with the Sora..interesting bird…thanks so much for your wonderful photos..made my day…

  5. Bob, I am truly enjoying your BB shots. Brings back some wonderful memories of my past trips out there.
    Keep up the good work. Your long time friend and golf buddy, Ross from Out Yonder.

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