Concho Valley Bird Banding Update

Since this blog was originally meant to be primarily about birds, bird photography, and birding I thought I would pass on to you any information on these subjects that come my way.

Charles Floyd of the Concho Valley Bird Banders, dropped me a note to tell me that the fall migration banding at the Hummer House, in Christoval, Texas, has been pretty much completed.  They will soon concentrate on winter sparrows, once they start to arrive in bigger numbers.

These are the highlights of what they banded at their last session:

I can see now that I need to get out more.  Most of those would have been lifers for me.

For more about their organization, click on the highlighted link above, or on my “Favorite Websites”  on the right side of this page.  Charles also mentioned that he would keep me posted on any upcoming changes.

Here is a shot that I took at one of their sessions that I attended.

Carolina Chickadee

Since Ann wasn’t feeling herself when she and I made our trip to Big Bend NP a couple of weeks ago, we missed some of the birding opportunities.  So we are going to make a return trip the week after next.  Maybe I can come up with some new bird photos from that area.

I have been negligent in giving credit to my dear friend Deb Tappan, of Knoxville, Tennessee.  She is an outstanding wildlife photographer.  Her collection of bird photographs is awesome, as is all of her photography from the United States and Canada.  This blog of mine is a result of her instigation, by the way.