How about those Scrub Jays

First, I want to say thanks to the many of new subscribers that I have gotten recently.  I guess a lot of people are interested in what I have to say and like my photographs.  I have been writing this blog for over two years now.  A dear friend and my wife, both got me into this.  To date, I have had over 38,000 hits and I have readers in 116 countries and counting. 

One of my latest readers and a subscriber, is also another bird photographer.  He is John English, (website).     He is also listed at the right under my Favorite Websites.  Check him out.  If you like my bird images, you will certainly like his.   John, who lives in Abilene, Texas, have a lot in common, except he has a (sob) bigger lens.  🙂

Today, I decided to show you some old images of  the Western Scrub Jay.  They are not too recent, but I realized that I had never mentioned them in my blog.  For some reason or other, they are not in San Angelo, at least, not in any great numbers.  I photographed these at the X-Bar Ranch, southwest of Eldorado, and at the Cedar Gap Farms, just south of Abilene, Texas.

Western Scrub-Jay

Western Scrub-Jay

Western Scrub-Jay

 I hope you like the photos.  Click on any of them to see an enlargement.

32 thoughts on “How about those Scrub Jays

  1. Wow, Bob! The statistics are impressive but that’s not surprising because your photographs are superb! We get to see such a range of different species, different sizes, different colours and in pin sharp detail! Your commentary also gives the photographs the personal touch, Bob, and to my mind, the combination of both makes your blog very inviting and enjoyable! Anyway – enough of the flattery! Have a good day!



  2. Great photos of the scrub jay. We have a different kind of jay with white, gray and blue feathers. The one with the open beak made me wonder if they have the same loud call as our eastern blue jays. They can be loud!

  3. I love the Scrubbies! I have six at my house who are regulars at the peanut feeders except during the hottest summer months. They never fail to entertain me with their antics and enchant me with their beautiful blue color. Lovely photos. 🙂

  4. Beautiful colors on these birds, Bob. I’m more familiar with their cousins, the gray jay also known as the whiskey jack or camp robber. I love watching their antics in the forests. 🙂

  5. Beautiful! Great colors. I can’t pick a favorite as I like them all, the look of anticipation on the first image (body language shows it), the vivid blue feathers on the second image, and the “chirping sound” on the last image (yes, I can almost hear it). Thanks so much for sharing these.

  6. Now, here’s a bird i know of from up here in New Mexico. I love the Scrub Jays. The blue color is nice to see here. I just love the elegant shape of the bird in the 2nd image. Just beautiful.

    Congrats on the new subscribers, Bob and so many hits! You deserve it! 🙂

    • You’re right. He does look that way, doesn’t he (or she). Thanks for the compliment, Melissa. I appreciate you. 🙂

      P.S. Happy Thursday, in case you get up before I do. 🙂

  7. Nice images, as always Bob. I like the middle one best – it really shows the color and texture detail of the bird. Keep the beautiful photographs coming 🙂

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