“Just a bluebird, on my shoulder….”

Well, heck, so it ain’t on my shoulder, but I think I heard that line in a song sometime ago.  Besides, I wanted to have a catchy title to get your attention.  This Eastern Bluebird (Sialia sialis) was actually sitting on tree branch about 40 feet away from the car.  It was taken two days ago during our little trip to Spring Creek Park.

This is one of the few photos that I got that day that I was really able to get in exact focus with that 500mm and 2X tele-converter.  If you remember, I told you that I had to use manual focus.  Now, remember, at my age, I am certainly not new to manual focus.  In my earlier days of photography, I don’t think auto-focus was invented yet.  But nevertheless, when you are dealing with long lenses, in the 1,000mm range, manual focus is very delicate.

In this case, the bird wasn’t too far off and was well lit, except for the shadow over it’s face.  If only it would have moved about six inches to it’s left, it would have been perfect.  But birds have a will of their own, so I was stuck with the pose.  For a stable support, I put my Puffin’ Pad on the window sill, turned off the car engine, and took my time turning the focusing ring.  Fortunately, the bluebird was comfortable, and in no hurry to fly off.  He also was in no hurry to move those six inches.  I took about 12 images, with that shadow in various positions across it’s face.  This photograph was the one that minimizes it the best.

Eastern Bluebird

Photo EXIF data:  Canon 7D, 500mm lens w/2X tele-converter.  1/640 sec. @ f8, plus 0.7 EV,  ISO 400. Aperture priority.