More blasts from the past

Here are a few more images that I captured earlier this year.  Like yesterday’s post, this one features again, photos from a fall visit to the water treatment ponds at Eldorado, Texas.  The date was October 3, 2011.  Click on any image to see an enlargement.  Hope you enjoy.

Nashville Warbler

American Pipit

Red-shouldered Hawk

Great Blue

Camera information:

Nashville Warbler (Oreothlypis ruficapilla)Canon EOS 7D with Canon 100-400mm zoom lens.  1/2000 sec. @ f6.3,  -0.3 EV,  ISO 800.  Shutter priority with spot metering.

American Pipit (Anthus rubescens) :  Canon EOS 7D with Canon 500mm lens and 1.4 tele-converter.  1/3200 sec. @ f6.3, -0.3 EV,  ISO 400.  Aperture priority with partial metering.

Red-shouldered Hawk (Buteo lineatus)Canon EOS 7D with Canon 500mm lens and 1.4 tele-converter.  1/2000 sec. @ f16, ISO 1600.  I just set the camera on Program, hoisted the camera, aimed, and shot.

Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias)Canon EOS 7D with Canon 500mm lens and 1.4 tele-converter.  1/2500 sec. @ f8, ISO 400.  Aperture priority  with partial metering.

All shots with the 7D were handheld.  To see more of my photographs click on the Flickr Logo on the right side of this page.

28 thoughts on “More blasts from the past

  1. I agree with all of you …Lots of people take photos of birds, but Bob your composition, lighting and whatever else you do, is magnificent. I love the Nashville Warbler..and the other photos are primo..

  2. Most all the birds have left from the mountains, I’ll still catch sight of a cardinal, a few hawks and some Herons down by the river. I’ve placed feeders out but not many birds visit.

    Last couple nights I’ve heard an owl, think I’ll get out there tonight and see if I can locate him/her if this rain lets up.

    Great photos as always.


  3. Bob do you have any photos of a Bob white. I have not seen one in a long time. That may not be the correct name but seems as though that is what everyone called them. Thanks Carolyn

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