Northern Mockingbird Editing

I have decided that I want to frame the photo of the Northern Mockingbird that I featured in a previous post.

Northern Mockingbird before editing

But as I looked at it, I thought the composition looked a bit weighted too much to the left side.  I decided to remove the branch in the left corner, trim off a bit of the branch that leaves the frame at the left, and eliminate a shadow in the lower right corner.  Like this:

Northern Mockingbird - future edits

Below is the finished product.  I think it looks better.  What do you think.

Northern Mockingbird - final product

I then cropped to a 12×16 that I will put in a 16×20 frame with a  2  1/4 inch double-mat all around.  Voila!!

(Click any image to see an enlargement.)

40 thoughts on “Northern Mockingbird Editing

  1. Good have taken what I call Artist Privilege and cleaned up the unnecessary. Good lines with the v shape branches and opening up to your main topic. It was a good photo, but now it has the power punch to make it excellent…Have a good day…

  2. It definitely looks better, Bob. But I loved that too. The way this bird in sitting, holding both the branches, still amazes me. Cool. 🙂

  3. Your decisions in editing that photo demonstrate how powerful your “photographer’s eye” is. Color me envious.

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